"Notes from the Underworld" - Persephone's Bees

Tineti minte numele trupei - Persephone's Bees, in care rusoaiaca Angelina Moysov e compozitoare, textiera si sefa. 
Iata ce scrie pe blogul ei fata, in timp ce isi pregatesc al doilea album:

"And so, the process began, and, while in the studio, I started to read two books. One is the book by producer Phil Ramone 'Making Records' and the other "Thoughts on Art" by Leonardo Da Vinci (it's in Russian - not sure what exactly it's called).
Anyway, Phil Ramone's book helped me to understand the process of making a record a lot better (Tom turned me onto this book), and the one by Leonardo reflected my own thoughts on my personal relation to the art in general. Both books are saving my life.
The thing is I never understood why when we record, not when I write the song, but when we're in the studio finishing writing, arranging and recording it, I feel so psychotic as though my soul, my heart, my mind are turned inside out - it's all raw, and it hurts. The feeling evolves to an extreme amount of joy, making me high, joy that is hard to describe, that beats any feeling in the world. These two extremes had happened to me when we worked on our own before we made a record with the talented producer Eric Valentine, then while we were recording with him and now, while we're producing our next record."

Normal ca va ganditi la cartile care ii ghideaza in creatiile lor pe marii compozitori in 2 note din Romania. Nu va mai ganditi, ascultati melodiile de mai jos si cautati album lor "Notes from the Underworld"

P.S. Fotografia este insotita de o nota in cel mai pur spirit rusesc: "Bottle of vodka (was everywhere!) and us.

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